Real Heroes was a three part series  that told the true story behind the Hollywood blockbuster.

The story was geatly simplified for the film, omitting as it did a complex survival story set in one of the most remote parts of Norway.

Ray and Martin recruited a team of modern day commandos (British and Norwegian) to recreate what the original team did.

The logistics for filming were incredibly complex. To use the same huts as the original saboteurs meant travelling deep into the Hardanger Plateau in the middle of winter. Some of the locations were three hours by skidoo from the nearest road, others could only be reached by helicopter.

The Norwegian army provided logistical support - they also helped with the programme's dramatic opening sequence, in which Ray parachuted onto the plateau with the modern soldiers.

For this to work, Ray first had to undergo a week of parachute training in the UK. he then had to do a three day conversion course in Norway, culminating in three jumps. the final day was so cold that the the hangar doors froze solid, and by the time they had been thawed out there was barely enough time to complete the jumps.

The final gamble was on good enough weather for the opening sequence, as the army would only place a Hercules aircraft on standby for us for one specific day, and wouold then only give us one jump.

The weather was perfect, and with eight cameras rolling (two on the plane, two on the umpers, two on the ground, and two in helicopters) we got the sequence which sets the scene for the whole series!

Thereafter, we followed the same route as the saboteurs, with Ray drawing survival tips from their experiences - including how to make the most of any reindeer you can catch!