Lost Worlds was commissioned from Brighton based Indie Electric Sky as a four part 3D series for Discovery UK/Sky 3D.

Martin was recruited as location producer to oversee a fourteen strong team of film-makers, climbers and biologists making this ambitious series among the tepuis of the remote Canaima Highlands of Venezuela over a five week period.

The series was to be fronted by biologist Monty Halls, and extreme climber Leo Houlding, and would feature wildlife only accessible to Monty through Leo's ability to get him to otherwise inaccessible places..

In January 2014, he carried out a recce to check locations for access, and build up a hit list of key sequences. Based on his findings, the series was to feature a climb and survey of a previously unknown 200 metre waterfall, a four day ascent of the unclimbed north wall of Ptari Tepui, and a descent into and exploration of a newly discovered cave system on Auyun Tepui. the climax was to be a base jump by Leo from Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on the planet.

The first team members were within a week of leaving for Venezuela to start rigging ropes and creating access routes through the jungle when the worsening political situation in Venezuela dictated that the whole shoot had to be cancelled.

Martin then contacted Guyana-based fixer Ian Craddock (having previously worked with him on `Alone in the Wild') to explore the options of making part of the series there.

Following a recce in Guyana, Martin was able to identify two stand-alone episodes, and the team spent three weeks there making the first film in the dense jungles in the centre of the country, and the second at two uncharted waterfalls in the far west (ironically only a few miles away from the original locations in Venezuela, just across the border).

This was followed by a second filming trip to Borneo later in the year, to make another two films - the first, deep inside one of the longest cave systems in the world (at Mulu), during which Leo became the first person to climb out of a remote sinkhole and get an accurante GPS fix to help the mapping of the caves. the second featured the unclimbed cliff faces of the Melinau Gorge.

Two further films were planned for Borneo, but sadly the Production Company went bust before they could be completed!