Zany and madcap, but ultimately educational series in which animals are put through a series of enlightening challenges to show how they use their senses to home in on sources of food, or (in the case of the goldfish who learned to play table football) can be trained using food as rewards.

I directed two sequences - in the first, bird handler Lloyd Buck released his falcon from a hill over a kilometer away from fellow presenters James Cooper and Matty Thompson on a trails bike. With James driving the bike, Matty waved a lure over his shoulder - the bird was able to spot the food and home in on it as the bike raced away from him at over 50 mph

Nuts - Falcon

In the second, the team wanted to see how quickly a kestrel could react to sudden changes of speed and movement in it's prey. So Matt and James each raced a model electric car disguised as a mouse down a length of track to see which could evade Lloyd's bird.

Nuts - Kestrel