Two films in the six part Discovery UK series, pitting celebrities against some of the wildest environments on Earth.

The programmes were largely self-shot by the celebrities themselves, but as PD I was responsible for training them in the technical and editorial demands of filming, checking rushes left in a drop box twice a day, and sending feedback as to how to improve their coverage.

The two celebs involved in my trip to a desert island off Belize were Aron `127 Hours' Ralston, and Jason `Dancing on Ice' Gardiner.

Jason Gardiner clips

Jason Intro

Conch opening

Catching Lizard

Can't do Stuff

Gets Hoodie

Feeling Shitty

Fishing Success

Aron Ralston clips                                                                     

Aron Training

1st 24 Hours 

1st Storm

Another day in Paradise

I Love my Family

Breaking Arm

What I learned