7  films shot in the USA and Canada for the Nat Geo Wild series Wild Case Files, featuring forensic examinations of animal mysteries.

Stories include :

Champ - is there an unexplained lake monster living in upstate New York? We examine the likely sources of echolocation recorded in the lake, and ask whether a marine mammal might have been stranded in the lake when sea levels dropped 10,000 years ago, creating today's freshwater lake.

Deerstrike -  a US military jet strikes an object at 1500 feet, and the only DNA investigators can find in the samples recovered from the plane is of a white tailed deer.

Roadkill - a Minnesota woman finds a bizarre animal carcass by the side of a local road, and starts a massive internet debate. What is the mysterious animal, and why is it almost completely hairless?

Aflockalypse - 5,000 blackbirds fall dead from the sky one night in Arkansas - we follow the investigation to see first whether some kind of freak meteorological event might be to blame, then to relate the events to the date they occurred - New Year's Eve. Could celebrations have got out of hand, leading to a carpet of carcasses over a one square mile area?

Great White Bite - in a year when the number of deaths from shark bites is on the rise, we investigate how Great White Sharks hunt, and ask whether we humans are on their menu?

Salmon Migration - after a record low 1.4 million migrating salmon return to Canada's Fraser River in 2009, the following year sees a massive increase - to 35 million! We examine the life cycle of the salmon, to ask which stage accounts for the dramatic turnaround - and find out how a volcanic eruption 3,000 miles away could hold the key.

Shark Bite Capital - Why does New Smyrna Beach, in Volusia County, Florida, regularly top the poll for most shark bites in a single year. We uncover a perfect storm - superb surf means more people in the water close to a narrow inlet, where millions of spawning fish pass through at certain times of year, attracting migrating sharks in a feeding frenzy. But why this particular inlet, and what role does the Kennedy Space Centre play!?

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